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Twin Willows

Golf Course



GPS Address

167 Ryerson Rd

Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
(973) 692-0179

Twin Willows Par 3 is a challenging 9-hole course designed to provide a full-length course feel in a par 3 setting. With holes ranging from 80 yards to 180 yards and greens protected by bunkers and rough, Twin Willows provides a challenge for beginners and advanced players alike.

Twin Willows is a family owned and operated public golf course located in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. Established in 1963, the course was created as part of the Lincoln Park Swim Club. The Swim Club closed in 2001, allowing the Ward family to focus solely on what they truly enjoy... golf.

Play at Twin Willows is first-come first-served (No Reservations required)
Our season extends April through November (Weather Permitting)


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